Franklin EBM-911 eBookMan (Translucent Graphite)

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Spec of Franklin EBM-911 eBookMan (Translucent Graphite)

Brand : Franklin Electronics

Model : EBM-911

Color : 911 (Translucent Graphite)

Item Dimensions : Height 67 hundredths-inches , Length 517 hundredths-inches , Weight 40 hundredths-pounds , Width 339 hundredths-inches ,

Display Size : 3.2 inches ( Resolution : 240 x 200 )

Ram Memory : 16 MB

Operating System : eBookMan OS 1.0

Size : 911 (Translucent Graphite)

Warranty : 1 year warranty

Details Of Franklin EBM-911 eBookMan (Translucent Graphite)
Franklin eBookMan EBM-911. This eBookman features a large graphic screen, high resolution makes for natural smooth font appearance and it's easy on your eyes. The array of programs comes in the package with your eBookman device, others can be purchased or downloaded form the Internet. Install the inlcuded dictionaries on your eBookman using the standard installation procedures. With this eBookman you can read, listen to music, organize your activities. Address book and organizer computer synchronization is not available. Display: 16-level grayscale display and high-resolution touch screen with enhanced polarizers; Hardware features: USB port. MultiMediaCard (MMC) slot. Headphone jack. Speaker. Microphone. Backlight; Accessories: Stylus. Removable lid. Memory: 16 MB SDRAM. MMC slot for expandable memory; PC system requirements: IBM-compatible 486 PC or higher. 256 color VGA monitor. Mouse or other pointing device. Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. 50 MB free disk space. 32 MB RAM. available serial or standard USB port3. Internet connectivity. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later) OR Netscape Navigator 4.02 (or later); desktop software: eBookMan Desktop Manager with Outlook synchronization powered by Intellisync for eBookMan; core applications: Franklin Viewer. Franklin Reader. Audiobook Player. Music Player. Date Book. Address Book.


  1. 16 MB handheld multimedia reader and content player with large, backlit display
  2. Download and read thousands of electronic books or documents, or listen to audio books
  3. Listen to your favorite music in MP3 format
  4. Write notes in your own handwriting, and record messages in your own voice
  5. Keep track of your important contacts, dates, and appointments
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