Grizzly H8089 1250 lb. Low Profile Transmission Jack

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My sons and I are drag racers with a variety of different vehicles. Changing out a transmission or converter is a tough assignment with the car just sitting in the garage on stands. Normally a floor jack and a piece of plywood were our tools of choice for this chore, but no more. When I purchased this paying just $119 I figured it might be a bit on the cheap side as far as construction goes, but with the limited use that we had for it, we would be okay. I was totally blown away when I opened the box. The construction on this jack is fantastic, heavy duty components are utilized and the welding is very good. I am not sure that you could build one yourself from scratch for the price. The handle moves in a 360 arc so no problem with not being in the right position to use the jack, the low profile means that with a car on standard jackstands there is plenty of room to drop an automatic transmission down and roll it out from under the car. Storage for the unit is good too as it is easy to stand it up against a wall in the garage taking up less floor space.

If you are looking for this type of jack, I really believe that you cannot go wrong with this purchase. We have used ours a couple of times already with zero issues and compared to our previous method, this is almost too easy. Imagine putting a floor jack under the car, then sliding a complete automatic transmission under the car and then lifting the transmission onto the floor jack in that limited space! That was our previous method. Now we just put the transmission on the Grizzly jack, slip the safety chain in place and wheel it under the car and up it goes. No fussing and no more cursing.

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