Tungsten Carbide Hard Metal Square Round Bars Plates Sheets Flats Strips

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Zhuzhou Goode Tungsten Carbide Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide (hardmetal) and tungsten heavy alloy for over 20 years, in China.

Our main products are tungsten carbide rods, carbide bars, strips, plates, sheets, drawing die, nibs, cold forging dies, cold heading dies, bushes, cutting inserts, cutting tools, carbide shims, EDM blocks, brazed tips, mining tools, saw tips, drill tips, circular knives, carbide blade, balls, seats, carbide burrs, woodworking tools, ceramic tile cutter, wear parts and special preforms according to your requirement.

Tungsten heavy alloy includes rods, bars, balls, cubes, counterweights, fishing weights, bucking bars, balancing weights..and customized products.

We also supply grinding wheels to extend our business

For more informations, please visit  http://www.goodecarbide.com

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