Get Best Price Cosatto You 2 Twin Stroller Sis Bro Too

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The Cosatto You 2 pushchair is perfect for when you have two tots who like to travel side by side. Our funky, fun twin stroller is not just a pretty face, it's also the cosiest, comfiest twin buggy around. We have added chest pads and fleeced lined cosy toes--so whatever the weather your little double act will be sure to enjoy the ride.


  • Suitable from birth
  • 3 recline positions that work independently
  • Third handle for ease of use
  • Easy umbrella fold with auto locks
  • Free head huggers
  • Free cosy toes with kangaroo pouch and zip-off reversible fleece liner
  • Free chest pad sets
  • Free insulated bottle carriers
  • Free raincover
  • Free 4 year guarantee (UK and Ireland only)

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Comfy, Safe and User-Friendly Pushchair

The Cosatto You2 twin pushchair is suitable from birth up to a maximum weight of 15 kilograms per child, it has independent seat operation for synchronised snoozing, which means both seats have four independent recline positions. The You 2 has a third handle bang in the middle for handy one-handed manoeuvres. Pull tight U-turns with panache on lockable swivel front wheels. You2 comes with a Cosatto comfy pack to keep your little ones snug on their travels, including head hugger, chest pads and cosy toes with unique Cosatto kangaroo pouch for toasty little hands. The fronts of the cosy toes will zip off and liners can be used all year round to protect pushchair from spills. Fabrics are sponge cleanable and cosy toes and accessories are machine washable on a cool wash. The You2 is also car boot able and has a big storage basket to plonk babies' bits in.

How do I look?

Twice as nice, get yourself a quirky Cosatto twin stroller, don't dally--these fresh designs are limited edition. The Cosatto You 2 Stroller comes in the following designs:

Polka Dogs

Two polka puppies, (a rare Cosatto breed you know), woof stroller stories at each other on this cheeky pushchair. Rich charcoal background with orange and turquoise doggies. Real stroller savoir faire (we've come over all Parisian).

Little Tweeters

A gorgeous pastel pink nest for your two little chatterboxes. Soft sherbet pink against glossy black with a pretty polkadot lining; for your little girls' morning chorus (and afternoon and evening!)

Bro & Sis Too

This is the superstar stroller in the You2 family. It proclaims your cheeky pair to the world. Sweetie pinks and blues on soft charcoal for your candy girl and blue eyed boy. Flower print for your flower fairies and stars for your little spacemen.


Put your matching baby pair in a cutie crocodile cruiser. Mr Crocodile grins zingy lime against a rich chocolate background, with rainbow letters for extra bite.

Owl and Pussycat

Stroll away for a year and a day with this on-trend colour blocking beauty. Team OwlCat set sail on a starry night. Pea green boat with sunshine yellow and turquoise contrast. Let You2 be babies' boat for adventures all the way. It's a hoot.


Weight and Size:
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Assembled size: 105 x 74.5 x 81 cm (H x W x D)
  • Folded size: 106 x 50 x 33 cm (L x W x H)
  • Box size: 46 x 108 x 25 cm (W x L x D)
  • Handle height: 106 cm

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