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Flexible and safe travel with the Britax B-Smart

The Britax B-Smart Pushchair is a versatile pushchair with a removable seat unit. It features Britax's Click and Go travel system which enables you to create your ideal travel system around the B-Smart chassis. The lightweight construction, compact folding mechanism and removable wheels enable the B-Smart to be stored and carried easily when not in use. The soft suspension, adjustable handle, push brake and locking wheels make it easy to use, while your baby travels in comfort.


Rearward and forward facing

It is important for younger babies to have eye contact with their parent, which is why Britax has designed a removable seat that can be used rearward facing with your child looking towards you and then converts to forward facing when your child is older. The seat also features multiple recline positions, so you can adjust your baby’s viewing and seating position so they are happy and comfortable. The recline options includes a lay flat position which is recommended for babies in their first few months as it allows their spine and respiratory system to develop properly.

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Create your ideal travel system

The B-Smart is supplied with a removable seat, but it can also be combined with other Britax products to create a flexible travel system to fit with your baby’s needs. If you frequently travel by car, combining the B-Smart with a Britax Baby-Safe infant carrier allows you to move your baby from the pushchair to the car without disturbing them or compromising their in-car safety. If you are going to spend a lot of time travelling and your baby is going to sleep in the pushchair, then a Baby-Safe Sleeper or carrycot are recommended, particularly for newborns who need to be kept lying flat. These all attached to the pushchair chassis using the one-step Click and Go system for easy installation.


Sporty three wheel option

B-Smart 3 the modern three-wheel version of the B-Smart (a four wheel model is also available). Three wheels handle uneven surfaces better than the traditional four wheel pushchairs as there are less points of contact with the ground, reducing the “up and over” to make the ride smoother. The wheels are puncture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting a flat when out for a long walk. The wheels lock and swivel for maximum manoeuvrability over bumpy surfaces and round tight corners. These features make the B-Smart 3 ideal for use in the countryside or in towns where the pavements are uneven.

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Little details to make life easier

The B-Smart seat is fitted with an extendable shower-proof hood with mesh panel to protect your little one from the elements. A raincover to protect from heavier rain and wind is also included with this model of the B-Smart, but you may also want to buy a Britax cosytoes to ensure your baby is kept snug and warm. The B-Smart chassis has a spacious basket, so you can bring home your shopping easily and the Britax changing bag (available separately) fits neatly in here too.

Why choose a Britax pushchair?

When you buy a Britax pushchair, you can be reassured that you are benefitting from Britax’s years of experience and innovation in child safety. Britax pushchairs are compatible with its car seats and infant carriers to create safe and comfortable travel systems. All Britax products are rigorously tested at their state of the art facilities to ensure they meet and exceed legal safety standards. Equally Britax listens to suggestions from their customers on how they use their products in real life and feed this into future product development.

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