The Circle: 1 BR + 1 Bath, 44 Sq.m, 9th fl for Rent

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The Circle
Contact:             085-484-6249
Office:                          02-204-2902
Skype:                         samchai.bcp

Two units at The Circle (on Pethcburi Road near Soi Nana) near the Makkasaan Airlink

"Cisco System (Thailand) Ltd." is one of the companies  bringing in the new technology of the IP telephone to use for everyday life at the "CIRCLE", which means taking the project ahead right on track with the future.

The IP telephone is not just a phone because it can have a dramatic impact on people’s life at "CIRCLE". Because the residents will have the capability to choose the services they require. For example, the IP telephone at "CIRCLE" can display various such as flight information for frequent flyers, or a useful taxi booking application where the residents doesn't even have to pick up the phone, room to room chat services where two rooms can choose to link up and communicate etc. These are just a few of the examples we have chosen to mention. Another asset is the "Intelligent Building" system. Curtains/blinds controlling, music station, and other entertainment systems are all controlled by our IP Telephone.

Not to mention the wireless system that allows the residents to access information from anywhere they want in the building. Considering that all communication systems are equipped with Wi-Fi. These days the residents at "CIRCLE" can take full advantage of this innovative asset.

These developments are something that can be worked on in the future and eventually leading to CCTV on-line meaning the residents can have the comfort of watching the security of their home from a different geographical location.
Having all these new innovative assets is a good solution for setting a high standard in communications systems for modern living at "CIRCLE".

"Fragrant" is the first of property developers bringing in the IP telephone systems into the condominium development scale.

Past clients of Cisco are mainly banks, 5-6 star hotels and other major organizations but none in the property development industry.

This is due to the long seen vision of the company executive who feels that in the near future the IP systems will come into play with everyday life as everybody's lifestyles are starting to change.

Internet has becoming more important issue in today's life. Internet acts as a link between work and life. Some may even feel that it is difficult to separate work from life, there always seems to be a link between the two.

The systems we approach will attempt to blend nature and technology in the smoothest way we can.

And this is the intelligent technology that has provided eyes to the units allowing you to explore the whole wide world, seek everything that you desire, and at the same time having fun in every aspect with the IP Telephone and Wireless Systems at "CIRCLE".

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