Sale Price Panasonic KX-TGA939T Extra Handset for KX-TG93XX Cordless Phones Series, Metallic Black

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  • Sale Price Panasonic KX-TGA939T Extra Handset for KX-TG93XX Cordless Phones Series, Metallic Black  รูปที่ 1

Technical Details
  • Extra Handset for: KX-TG9391T, KX-TG9321T, KX-TG9322T, KX-TG9381T, KX-TG9382T
  • Dual Line, Works with Single Line Phones, Cordless
  • DECT 6.0 Technology
  • NO Answering Machine
  • Cordless, Requires main phone unit to operate
  • Works with Single Line Phones
  • No Answeing Machine and Cordless
  • Requires main phone unit to operate
 Having used 2-line phones for over 30 years, I have purchased (and discarded) many different types and brands ranging from standard desktop "cheapies" to exotic high-dollar radio frequency models. After buying a single line Panasonic multi handset cordless (KX-TG9331T)a few years ago and using it every day without a single problem, I decided to try the 2-line DECT 6.0 multi-line multi-handset model, and it has performed as well as its predecessor.
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Pros: Excellent range (over 700'), Easily replaceable AAA rechargeable batteries, Easy to set up and install, and very solid construction. Can switch handsets or join conference with single button press. Connections for single 4-wire OR double 2-wire RJ-12 connectors. Built-in answering machine. Excellent call time battery life between charges (over 5 hours on a single conference call!). Speakerphone option is crystal clear and actually loud enough to hear.

Cons: None

Overview: This is by far the best multi-line cordless set you can buy, and for the price point, it beats many of the other higher priced models even my $1,100.00 RF system. Having used Panasonic cordless phones for over five years, they are now the only phones I use at home and at work.

I bought 3 of these handsets with a base unit giving me 5 phones. While the sound quality on these handsets is excellent, there are two often used features missing that are deal killers for this phone.

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The first is quick access to caller ID. You have to walk through a menu to see caller information. In the past I have always used one key press to see who called. Now it takes 3 button presses to see the most recent caller info.

The second problem is knowing when there is voice mail. When there is voice mail a message is displayed on the handset but that message is near invisible. With no back light and no LED indicator there is nothing to catch your eye so you know to check voice mail.

While those are the most critical problems, and cause enough to reject this product, there are more issues:

I was successful in transferring all my phone numbers from my Blackberry to this base unit. But the handsets could not hold all the numbers. It is bizarre they would support different storage in the phone book from the base unit to the handsets.

Also, you can't easily synchronize the phone book from the base unit to all handsets simultaneously. You have to transfer them one at a time. The transfers were slow anyway but doing so with 5 handsets was cumbersome as well.

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When a call came in the handset showed text similar to "Incoming Call L2". The buttons below showed "L1" and "L2" which was confusing. Do I have to make sure I hit the right line? There is a "talk" button (which was the correct button) but it does not stand out. You can look at pictures of the handset to see what I am talking about.

The handset power supply was offset from the plug enough to prevent two similar power supplies from being plugged in at the same time in my extension cord.

Final thoughts:
It is a shame that such simple features to implement were missing. These go back in the box tomorrow.

Afer may years of Panasonic cordless phones, I finally got one that does not impress me.

I read other reviews and was willing to put up with the extra key strokes to access caller ID and directory.

What I was not ready for is that the speaker phone on the handset is terrible at some points in my house. Speaker phone off, is OK but speaker phone on sounds bad. I bought the phone because I thought the DECT 6.0 would behave better around my wireless computers. It does, but it does not seem to have the same range as my old Panasonic kx tga27x series phone.
It is nice to have more phone numbers stored on the phone.

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The phone works. The phone customer support is better than OK (they will troubleshoot with you, even when it is clear the problem lies in your or AT&T/TimeWarner/YourPhoneCompany's mistakes. They take the time to help you track down the problem and fix it. Even though it is not their fault.)

1 major problem makes all the difference.

The stupid ring! Most phones will ring five times, each ring lasting for about a second, and a 1 1/2 second silence before the next ring. But these stupid things must have a design flaw. When a call comes through, one, sometimes two of the handsets (I have 5) keeps going. What do I mean? The ring starts....and doesn't stop. The ring will last for about 8 seconds. The ring lasts during the majority of the time before the answering machine picks up. It is grating and disruptive, and intermittent. Not a good purchase. I have another multi-handset set from panasonic (a different model) and it does the same thing. This is not a fluke. How likely is it that one consumer purchases 2 phone sets (over 2 years apart in purchase date, one from costco, the other from amazon) and they both exhibit the same malfunction? Suffice it to say...I am a panasonic customer no more.

I've had this system for a little over a month, which I bought to use in my home office. It's easy to install both the basic system and the extra handsets. Generally, it's a high-quality home office system having everything I expected, except for some diminishment in sound quality and some limitations on the Bluetooth connectivity.

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A nice feature is the Bluetooth connectivity, which permits moving one's phone book wirelessly from a cell phone and allows connection to a Bluetooth headset from the base station. The range of the DECT 6.0 wireless system is quite good, while the Bluetooth connectivity is limited to the standard approximate 10 Meter Bluetooth specification--addition of the extended Bluetooth connectivity showing up in motorcycle intercom systems (500 Meter line-of-sight) would be a nice feature allowing equal choice to the use of wired headsets on the handsets or the Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth headset will answer automatically, but the phone must be changed manually from the speaker to the headset when making a call from the base station, which can be an inconvenience. I'd like to see the full Bluetooth connectivity available on most current cell phones couple with the extended distance connection, which would just about do away with wired headsets. A nice feature of the Bluetooth connection is that it is compatible with the new Bluetooth headsets allowing connection to two phones at the same time, allowing one's cell phone and this phone system to be answered using the same headset.

One problem I'm having is the sound level in the handsets, which is not high enough. Even the highest volume setting, in the handset itself and when using a high-quality wired headset, is too low for some conversations when the other person's connection is not the best or when speaking softly. This is not a phone for the hard of hearing.
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