Viviscal Extra Strength

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Product Features
  • European hair recovery program
  • Thousands of satisfied customers in 25 countries
  • Numerous clinical trials supporting efficacy
  • Exclusive AminoMar C Marine complex containing 50% more active ingredient
  • 100%natural hair nourishment, scientifically formulated

I decided to write down a review since i bought this product primarily based on its reviews. My hair has been falling out for many months thanks to a hormonal imbalance and that i will very tell particularly after I shower - I loose such a lot HAIR and when light-weight hits my hairline, i will see my scalp. :( each womam is aware of how devesating it's to loose their hair! therefore, i started taking Viviscal a couple of month ago and HAVE noticed new very little hairs growing across my hairline and even on aspect of my hairline on my neck. however I conjointly noticed the once peach-fuzz on my face has grown! Rather alot! I even have pretty sparce eyebrows and would say they've grown in a very very little and currently there is conjointly some crazy stray hairs around them. So, i do not suppose i am attending to still get this product b/c i actually don't need to grow a beard. i feel i am attending to simply amp up on biotin and fatty fish oils that i scan on another review.

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