Best sale LEGO Friends Olivia's

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Best sale LEGO Friends Olivia's

LEGO Friends Olivia's Description:

·         Includes Olivia mini-doll figure and features the tree house pet cat Maxie, 4 ladybirds, a bird Goldie with birdhouse, 4 butterflies, hidden compartment and folding ladders

·         Decorate Olivia's Tree House with butterflies and wildflowers then rebuild and create new places to play

·         Accessories include telescope, milk carton, food dish, fish and flower pack, climb the ladders to the treetop then fold them up, meet up with all of the Lego Friends for treetop sleepovers and star gazing, feed the cat with a fish, milk carton and dishes

·         Lego Friends pieces are fully compatible with all Lego System bricks

·         Collect all of the Lego Friends sets for a whole world of Lego Friends fun

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