Huge Barron's AP United States History Flash Cards

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The flash cards are a great review of AP US History. Personally, I think flash cards are great review tools in general for classes that require extensive memorization (such as all history classes). I decided to purchase this along with Princeton's AP US History Prep Book partly because my US History teacher, despite being a very nice person, wasn't particularly good at teaching the information we needed to know. Of course, prep material is in general a very good idea.
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To be honest, the Princeton's prep book is more helpful in fully understanding US History quickly and efficiently, but these cards were also super helpful. They cover a wide range of important topics and provide apt information. Be aware though that there are quite a few cards in the set and unless you have photographic memory, last minute studying of these cards is not going to help you too much. I purchased these about three weeks before the actual exam and memorized them in small increments.
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It really helps for the multiple choice exam and to some extent on the free response if you ever need to pull specific fact or two out of your head on a particular person, event, etc. I would also recommend getting an actual prep book which will concisely cover the history you need to know. This is necessary because the AP US History exam doesn't just want you to flat out memorize information, but also establish relationships between events and understand how one historical event can influence another.
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Overall, I liked the flash cards, but I would not recommend them to those who will only be able to review them at the very last minute. In case you're wondering, I did receive a 5 on the exam (through hard work and the use of a prep book and flash cards - you won't get anywhere without actually putting some effort in yourself).