Vigor2820Vn ADSL2+ Security Firewall Router

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Good Vigor2820Vn ADSL2+ Security Firewall Wireless Router Reviews
People- it's been almost 4 years now and my Draytek 2820Vn has not dropped once, not once, the entire time. I've been using it on an AT&T ADSL connection, and there have been occasions when I've had up to to 15 devices connected at once both wired and wireless, some with heavier volume loads like VPN on work laptop, Netflix, Lingo, eMule, and Skype video (at the same time) and the thing doesn't blink. Not sure if this qualifies as heavy useage but my previous linksys and two netgears couldn't handle it.

It is the absolute last thing I expect to have an issue with. One time when we were away from home over the holidays and I couldn't connect remotely to my home server, I figured the causes were 1) my laptop configuration 2) the power went out; 3) we were robbed and all equipment stolen; 4) the Draytek was down... seriously in that order. As it turned out, the Draytek was fine, but the Synology server had failed to reboot after a power outage and I didn't get an admin e-mail notification.

Even after 4 years I'm still discovering/ re-discovering the numerous feature set of advanced security, VPN and Voip options.

Draytek has been absolutely rock solid after four years. I'm now starting to look at the 2850Vn, as I'm considering upgrading my connection to AT&T U-verse.

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Technical Details
  • ADSL2/2+ Security Router , Supports Smart Monitor, 2nd WAN port (Ethernet) for policy-based load-balancing or fail-over, Support for mobile 3.5G / HSDPA via USB modem
  • CSM (Content Security Management) for Web content access control, USB 2.0 port for network printer, 3.5G / HSDPA mobile, Built-in VoIP facilities enable to deploy cost-effective IP telephone infrastructure
  • Flexible bandwidth management to optimize bandwidth usage, Object-based firewall preventing external attacks / easing policy settings
  • Hardware-based VPN platform for high performance remote data access
  • 802.11n (Draft-n) Wireless LAN