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Console-based video gaming is one of the most popular of modern digital technologies, cutting across age, demographic and gender divides. Today's players have three dominant platforms to choose from: Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3,
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and Xbox 360 by Microsoft. Each is an impressive multifunctional device, with designs meant to encourage integration into existing home entertainment systems and networks, but each goes about this in different ways. Taking a few minutes to examine the main features, and getting more familiar with available options, accessories and possible limitations of each console is the optimal way to determine which is the best choice for the players in a household.
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Consider Games Before Choosing a Console

There is not just one kind of console video game, and so the machines that are are used to play them are different as well. Considering the types of games to be played, their availability for the consoles being considered and the ability of those consoles' to present the best gaming experience possible for the game's genre and content is important. The games developed for Wii tend to be more easily accessible, family-friendly productions heavily influenced by Nintendo's classic gaming history. Filled with cartoon-like and childlike characters as well as Arcade-style gameplay situations, Wii games are often referred to as "Casual Games," or "Party Games" typified by brief, simple "mini-games." These small games-within-games are tailor-made for players new to the puzzle-solving aspects of gaming and how that is translated through game controllers to the screen by the player.