Huge Price New CalSun Facial Tanning Sun Lamp / Face Tanner 110v

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With the help of our Facial Tanning Lamp, you will be able to keep that healthy, youthful glow even in the dead of winter. Maybe you live in an area where it rains a lot and you simply have no sunshine. That's no longer a problem with our tanning lamp. Its four 15w UV fluorescent tubes will enable you to keep your face tanned year round;
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no matter what the weather is like outside. Complete with UV blocking eye wear, simply place the lamp on any smooth surface, plug it in and let it begin to give you that youthful glow. 30 Minutes a day is all it takes. Look your best year round in any climate with our Facial Tanning Lamp. Included are also protective goggles. This was the only facial tanning lamp on Amazon that was affordable.
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I took the chance to try it out (even after reading all the negative reviews), knowing that I did have 30 days to return the item. I figured if it didn't work, then I would return it. I have had this item about 3 weeks now and have enjoyed great results. First off, I do want to point out that I do tan fairly easy. In the summer I brown quick, but in the winter I become a very pasty white. Thanks to the 9 months of clouds we get in the Pacific N.W., getting sun-rays is only a summer thing around here. Secondly, I would always use the tanning lamp once I stepped out of the shower and my face was squeaky clean and applied (non sun-screen or non-SPF) moisturizer before sitting in front of the lamp. Finally, I would sit about an inch away from the bulbs, instead of the recommended 3 or 4 inches.