Hot Sale New Lenovo G505 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)

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The 15.6" Lenovo G505 laptop PC combines AMD performance you can count on with a price you can afford. All the essentials are here, whether you're completing schoolwork, managing the family budget, or just having fun online. And we've included a few premium features rarely seen on budget laptops including the ergonomic and comfortable AccuType keyboard.
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Both versatile and durable, the Lenovo G505 laptop also lets you put your worries behind you when it comes to security and reliability. For example, OneKey Rescue makes recovering from technical difficulties a snap. Plus, with integrated AMD HD graphics, built in DVD drive and Dolby Advanced Audio, you'll get vivid graphics and an immersive audio experience.
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Affordable Performance In a 15.6" AMD Laptop.

The 15.6" Lenovo G505 laptop PC combines top-notch essentials – such as cutting-edge AMD processors – with a price you can afford. This ideal everyday PC also boasts solid multimedia features like stereo speakers, HD visuals and up to the latest AMD Radeon Graphics.