Photomatix Pro 4 [Mac CD-ROM]

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Details of Photomatix Pro 4

Brand : HDRsoft

ReleaseDate : 2009-04-01

Hardware Platform : Mac

Platform :

  1. Mac
  2. Windows

Package Format : CD-ROM

Details Of Photomatix Pro 4
Photomatix Pro is photographic software developed by HDRsoft for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows and primarily designed to make the process of merging multiple photographs into high dynamic range images and then locally tone-mapping them back to LDR images, easier and more streamlined. By automatically blending multiple exposures of photos it has the ability to create 32-bcv cv vc it images and tone mapped images. These different exposures are best taken as three different RAW files. However, in some circumstances you can use one file and process the different exposures from this photography.
  1. Creation HDR images
  2. Tone Mapping
  3. Exposure Fusion
  4. Automatic alignment hand-held photos
  5. Reduction of noise and chromatic aberrations in HDR images
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