BF1742 FAX Machine to Internet Gateway

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Specific Of BF1742 FAX Machine to Internet Gateway
Main Features
  1. Use your fax machine to send and receive faxes without a land line
  2. Free for the first thirty days then a monthly $4.99 subscription covers unlimited incoming faxes and 300 pages of outgoing faxes. Most Asian and Western European countries are included at no extra charge.
  3. Optimized for error free fax reception and transmission.
  4. Try before you buy with our no questions asked return policy.
  5. Just plug it in to send and receive faxes right out of the box; no subscription needed; fax number included.

Brand : BringFax

Details Of BF1742 FAX Machine to Internet Gateway
Connect your fax machine to the internet using our gateway and our dedicated fax only transmission system. If you use Time Warner, Vonage or other VoIP services, you can't fax reliably. But with BringFax FoIP (fax over IP), anyone can send and receive faxes reliably and economically without a land line. The service utilizes "best in class" switching technology and a custom configured TCP/IP stack to provide our users with fax error rates rivaling the highest quality end to end analog services./ Much less expensive than subscribing to a dedicated telephone line just for your fax machine. Most land line companies charge from $12 to $40 a month plus an array of taxes and fees. Print and sign and scan and paste solutions are typically over $150 a year for a full featured solution./ A monthly subscription to our service is only $4.99 and gives you unlimited incoming faxes and about 300 outgoing faxes. (100 minutes at about 20 seconds per faxed page). This is not a special promotional rate; your rate will never increase./ Our company has been providing enterprise quality fax service to businesses for over five years. Our customers routinely send 30 page faxes with perfect results because our transmission system is optimized for error free fax transmission and does not support voice communication./ WHAT YOU NEED: Internet Router with an open cat5 position and fax Machine./ WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Our Gateway pre-configured with a fax number printed on its side, a Power Supply, a Cat5 Cable and a Fax Machine Cable./ HOOK EVERYTHING UP: Power Supply to Gateway, Cat5 Cable between Router and Adapter, Fax Cable between Fax Machine and Gateway./ YOU ARE READY TO SEND AND RECEIVE FAXES. Unlimited incoming faxes and 100 minutes of outgoing faxes (roughly 300 pages) are included. No need to register or subscribe for the first 30 days after initial use./ Warning: Product is not intended for voice use. Emergency 911 services are not available.
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